Parasitic Flat-bark Beetle, Catogenus rufus (Fabricius) (Passandridae)

Parasitic flat bark beetle, Catogenus rufus (Fabricius). © 2012, A.V. Evans

By Justin Bates

The parasitic flat-bark beetle, Catogenus rufus (Fabricius) (5.0-11.0 mm) is a small, flat and uniformly dark reddish-brown beetle that is usually found beneath bark of dead or dying hardwoods and conifers. The mouthparts are directed forward, while the eyes are barely visible from above. The antennal segments are beadlike. Females lay eggs in the bark of trees and the larvae are ectoparasites on the pupae of wood-boring beetles. This species is widespread in Virginia and found throughout eastern North America.


Bug Guide. (accessed June 26, 2012).


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