Golden-backed snipe fly, Chrysopilus thoracicus (Fabricius) (Rhagionidae)

By Trey Creekmore

Golden-backed snipe fly, Chrysopilus thoracica (Fabricius). © 2012, A.V. Evans.

The Golden-backed Snipe fly, Chrysopilus thoracicus (Fabricius) (10 mm) has a round head, distinctive golden patch of hairs on top of the thorax, dark wings, tapered abdominal segments with white spots, and long legs. They greatly resemble a wasp or a bee. Little is known about the natural history of this species. Adults are active in late spring and early summer and are thought to prey on other insects, but this has not been confirmed. This species is common in Virginia woodlands and occurs throughout eastern North America.


Species Chrysopilus thoracicus – Golden-backed Snipe Fly. (accessed 12 July 2012)


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