Toad bug, Gelastocoris oculatus (Fabricius) (Gelastocoridae)

By Mollie Thorsen

Toad bug, Gelastocoris oculatus (Fabricius). © 2012, A.V. Evans

The toad bug, Gelastocoris oculatus (Fabricius) (7-9 mm) are cryptically mottled and vary from brown and black to reddish-yellow. They are found on muddy or sandy shores of ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers. These predatory insects have mantid-like raptorial forelegs used for capturing small insect prey. Both adults and nymphs are active from spring through fall; there is one generation produced annually. This species is widespread in Virginia and is found in southern Ontario and throughout the United States and into Mexico.


Evans, A.V., 2007. National Wildlife Federation Field Guide to Insects & Spiders of North America. Sterling Publishing Co., New York, NY.


5 thoughts on “Toad bug, Gelastocoris oculatus (Fabricius) (Gelastocoridae)

  1. Do toad bugs produce a sap like substance? A bunch of toadbugs have taken over my trumpet vine. We do not live near any water as is indicate is their preferred habit. We live in MA.

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